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One Product Three Ways, Our Diamante Cake Stand

Our versatile Diamante stands add a touch of elegance to any occasion. Bring them out of the cupboard this spring to add an extra touch of style to your home.

Here are three ways to use the stands in a less traditional way.

Showcase home decor

Experiment with using cake stands to display items of decor, rather than traditional cakes and sweets. The glass will highlight and complement any items you keep inside, creating a beautiful feature for any room. Try showcasing collections of smaller items in the same theme to keep the look consistent.

Create a natural centrepiece

Turn your cake stand into a striking centrepiece by displaying bright, seasonal produce or florals. Add cheerful bursts of colour with vibrant yellow lemons on your kitchen bench top or on your dining table, or bring in beautiful flowers for a romantic spring look – but be sure to leave the lid off so they have plenty of fresh air.

Cheese not cake!

Cake stands don’t just have to house sweets – why not display the cheeses you’ll be eating after dinner! Not only does it make an eye-catching centrepiece, your guests can anticipate what follows. Try pairing soft cheeses with seasonal fruits and crunchy nuts for a sophisticated take on dessert.

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